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The Notebook Cafe | Reading-North Reading Patch Classes & Lectures, Charitable, and Awareness Events on Patch - Reading-North Reading Patch, MA Patch

The Notebook Cafe | Reading-North Reading Patch Classes & Lectures, Charitable, and Awareness Events on Patch - Reading-North Reading Patch, MA Patch

 Meadowview Care and Rehab is pleased to introduce The Notebook Cafe.  Designed for people with Alzheimer's disease, their family and friends, and anyone interested in dementia, this monthly gathering is a fun mix of relaxation, resources and support. 

There are no charges, no expectations and no judgements.  Our cafe is all about you-and for you.SHAKE THE BLUES with Donna Newman-BluesteinOur first monthly gathering will feature dance movement therapist, Donna Newman-Bluestein.  Donna uses humor, props and everyday movement to encourage people with dementia to express themselves and experience a greater sense of vitality and connection with others.  She brings a loving heart, a sense of joy and toe tapping music to her work

.RSVP to Claire Henry 978.276.2000 or


Alzheimer's and Dementia Cafes Worldwide Alzheimer's Cafe 1st Thursday of every month, 6:00-8:00pm in the Country Cafe at the Beltrone Living Center 6 Winners Circle, Colonie NY. Light refreshments are served. Reservations are not necessary and there is no cost to attend After about 30 minutes there will be a welcome and announcement of the optional educational program (held in another room). Attendees can stay in the Café and socialize or attend the education program. For more information call (518) 459-2857  a forum for keeping people up to date with what is happening in the world of dementia care. It is also to provide a place to chat for people living with dementia and for those who wish to learn more about it.  Crawley Dementia Cafe - De-Cafe An evening of entertainment and support for people living with dementia. Provides a supportive environment for people with dementia, their carers, family, friends to meet where they can learn from the experiences of others and socialize with professionals in the field of dementia.
New York Memory Center and Alzheimer’s Poetry Project Present Memory Arts Cafe For info: call (718) 499-7701 or visit
The café is Canada's first, following a popular trend that took off in the Netherlands 14 years ago. Alzheimer's cafés offer a safe and supportive space for patients, caregivers and loved ones to share similar experiences and chat over refreshments. Each café varies in setting, from schools to pubs. The concept has resonated most with Europeans: More than 60 cafés exist in the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom is home to some 20. The United States launched its first in Santa Fe, N.M., in 2008.
Mountain Meadows hosting Alzheimer's Cafe  Mountain Meadows Senior Living Campus is hosting the "Memory Lane" Cafe starting April 10, 2012. The cafe will provide a secure social setting for folks with Alzheimers and Dementia along with their loved ones and caregivers. Delicious desserts and beverages will be offered free of charge. Activities will be also available. Alzheimer's Cafe are very popular in Europe so this will be a great addition to our Bavarian Village. Our hours will be the Second Tuesday of every month from 2:30 pm -4:00 pm. For more information please call 548-0305 or 630-8723.
Peninsula Volunteers Host Alzheimer’s Café Menlo Park senior services center invites families and caregivers to attend. By Patch Staff August 16, 2011 The first ever Alzheimer’s Café will be held in the Garden Room at Little House today between 2 and 4 p.m. The goal of the event is to invite people who are living together with dementia to share experiences, and perhaps enjoy a cup of coffee together. This free event will be held every third Tuesday of the month at Little House, which is located at 800 Middle Ave in Menlo Park. Call Program Manager Julie Scales for more information at (650) 326-2025 North Grove Manor, a new Assisted Living and Memory Care Community located in Morton Grove, will be hosting a monthly Alzheimer’s Café determined to provide comfort and support for Alzheimer’s patients and their loved ones. The Alzheimer’s Café will provide patients living with the disease building blocks for remembering the past and feeling at home reminiscing about it. The Alzheimer’s Café was developed to provide support for the caregivers and loved ones of those struggling with the disease, offering tools and guided group discussions.
Alzheimer’s Café at North Grove Manor Who We Are– The Sponsors North Grove Manor is an Alzheimer’s Memory Care and Assisted Living Community providing the optimal therapeutic environment to care for those suffering with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. North Grove Manor, a CRL Senior Living Community, is both sponsoring the Alzheimer’s Café but is also hosting the monthly event.
Alzheimer Cafe in Halfmoon Bay, CA Every month clients suffering from Alzheimer’s and other dementia causing diseases will meet and enjoy a cafe type atmosphere. One end of the center will be transformed into a cafe while other areas will be set up with areas for socializing, crafts, and games. Clients and family will be able to mingle, share experiences, and forge friendships with others facing dementia in themselves or loved ones from the area. The idea of an Alzheimer’s cafe is not a new one. Developed in the 1990s, communities and facilities have refined the cafe concept to fit their needs. Dementia has many symptoms, the support provided and contacts created during these events can help families and patients feel more at ease.  The event in Halfmoon Bay was organized by dementia experts in hopes that the large community of seniors in the area can use the resources presented. The cafe events are not a day care event, all that attend will stay and participate or observe. There will be tea, coffee, and snacks for all to enjoy, completing the cafe. There will be: Arts and crafts activities Games Resource information On-site experts
The first Alzheimer's café has opened up in Albany. In honor of the grand opening, a ribbon cutting ceremony took place at the Beltrone Living Center in Albany. "Al's Café" was designed specifically as a place to network for individuals and their families dealing with Alzheimer’s. Organizers said the café idea first started in Europe but it is now gaining momentum in the states. "Help get the word out to family members who are starting to experience Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia, that there is a place for them to go where they can sit down and have a conversation with other members who are dealing with the same sort of illnesses," said Edward Neary, Executive Director, CSSC-Colonie Senior Service Centers. Neary said the Alzheimer’s Association of Northeastern New York approached them with the idea.</a> service is a terrific way to build name recognition for your business while doing good works for your home town. Ken Pope, Ph.D. was generous enough to pass along a link to this post about an Alzheimer’s Cafe in the United Kingdom Park: Alzheimer's Cafe opens: Peninsula Volunteers has opened the Alzheimer's Cafe in Menlo Park, a free gathering place for those with dementia and their loved ones. Saying it's only the second resource of its kind in California, the nonprofit will hold meetings at the cafe on the third Tuesday of every month from 2 to 4 p.m. Drop by 800 Middle Ave. to visit the cafe, or call Julie Scales, Little House program manager, at 326-2025, ext. 229, for more information
Alfreton Memory Cafe Memory cafe for people with dementia, their carers, family and friends. Refreshments, information and advice. Every 4th Tuesday 10am-12noon at Alfreton Health Centre, Church Street, Alfreton.
www.alzheimercafe.beL’Alzheimer Café S’asseoir autour d’une tasse de café fumante, parler, échanger et retrouver le plaisir d’être ensemble dans l’espace social: c’est le principe de l’Alzheimer Café. A typical evening at the Café starts with an informal chat over light refreshments. A presentation by a professional then follows, combined with a relaxed interview with a willing family member who has hands-on, real experience of the subject being discussed. The evening continues with further social interaction and refreshment and the opportunity to informally chat to the guest speakers. Occasionally evenings are enhanced further by live music or other entertainment. The Alzheimer Café UK is open to all carers, persons with dementia and their family and friends. It is also for all professionals involved i.e. district and practice nurses, old age psychiatrists, speech therapists, care assistants, physiotherapists, community health workers, day centre staff, care managers and social workers, carers support workers, doctors etc. Cafes in the U.K. The Alzheimer Café is a safe and relaxed place where people with dementia, their families and health and social care professionals come together for a unique blend of education and support. It is a forum where people can share experiences and talk about dementia. Anyone who is affected by dementia is welcome to come to an Alzheimer Cafe evening. It is free-of-charge. first-ever AC in Canada began in January, 2011, in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Danielle Martensson, one of the co-authors and a recent graduate of St. Francis Xavier University School of Nursing, visited an AC in the UK when she was twelve. It made a strong impression on her because her previous experience of people with dementia in a nursing home had been an intimidating one. As a student nurse, she was eager to initiate the concept in Canada, especially after attending the AC-UK National Conference in May, 2010. Prof. Elizabeth McGibbon, and nursing faculty members and clinical associates at St. Francis Xavier University The Committee is currently in the process of developing a pan-Canadian strategy for supporting the planning, implementation, and evaluation of Canadian ACs.
Alzheimer Café in Nova Scotia town first of its kind in Canada OLIVER MOORE ANTIGONISH, N.S. It's a café where the most important offering isn't on the menu. Several dozen people gathered recently in this town a few hours northeast of Halifax at the country's first Alzheimer Café, a model of support increasingly widespread in Europe. The idea is to bring together people with Alzheimer's disease, their caregivers and members of the public in a non-institutional setting that feels like a regular café, with food, drink and entertainment. There is a short information session, but the goal is explicitly social. The Children's Museum of NH holds a monthly program that invites people living with Alzheimer's disease or dementia into the museum of socializing and friendship. People diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer's disease are welcomed during this time, along with their family members and care partners, to gather in a supportive, non-clinical setting to chat, relax, and enjoy refreshments together. Reservations are not needed and there is no cost to attend, though donations will be accepted. This program occurs on the third Thursday of each month. cost:free
The Alzheimer's Cafe in Beaverton, OR is held at Southminster Presbyterian Church on the second Friday of each month except for August and December. Alzheimer Cafe Group at alzheimers cafeThe café is a monthly get together where people with dementia, their families, carers and friends can come together in a safe environment. Carers, the cared for families and friends will be in the company of other carers, volunteers and professionals. The aim is to provide emotional support, information, and the opportunity for discussion for people living with aspects of dementia. The Southern Staffordshire Alzheimer Cafés are run by CASS.
Cafe' new social spot for Alzheimer's patients Bethany Bump, Gazette Reporter The diagnosis will be hard enough to hear: Alzheimer's. It's a disease that changes the dynamics of daily life for both the sufferer and the caregiver. Family members begin looking for support groups, making lists, arranging living situations. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, several European countries began looking at a new way to ease somebody into what they might expect from the common and incurable form of dementia. England, the Netherlands and Scandinavia all offered something known as an "Alzheimer's Cafe," a social gathering for those with the disease to gather, relax, and learn about the first few things to expect. "The concept intrigued us," said Colonie Senior Service Centers Executive Director Edward Neary. "This idea of a space where people could come and learn about it at their own pace is really better for those people who aren't as advanced in their diagnoses." Lacking the stigma and structure of the "support group" label, the cafes became increasingly popular and spread to the United States where only a spattering of cities have tried them. The first Alzheimer's Cafe in the state -- a collaboration between Colonie Senior Service Centers and the Alzheimer's Association of Northeastern New York.
What happens at the Alzheimer's Cafe? Very different from a traditional support group, the Alzheimer’s Café is not a support group at all. It is an opportunity for people and families living with Alzheimer’s to get out and socialize in a safe and supportive space that is warm and friendly, like a café or coffee house. They are welcomed into a distinctly non-institutional, accepting, social setting to chat, relax, and enjoy refreshments. Here they find empathetic support from those who share similar experiences. Such a sanctuary gives them permission to be themselves and can help those with dementia stave off further isolation and mental decline. The Alzheimer’s Café will be open on the first Thursday of each month, from 6-8pm in the Country Café at the Beltrone Living Center. The Café is warm and inviting, light refreshments are served. Reservations are not necessary and there is no cost to attend. Café attendees can drift in at their leisure, after about 30 minutes there will be a welcome and announcement of the optional educational program (held in another room). Attendees can stay in the Café and socialize or attend the education program.
The Children's Museum 6 Washington St. Dover, NH People living with Alzheimer's disease or dementia, and their family members or caregivers, are invited into the museum for socializing and friendship
Alzheimer's cafe at children's museum Those affected by Alzheimer's and dementia are invited to gather at the Children's Museum of New Hampshire Alzheimer's Café program. The program, which has been running once per month since October 2011, is intended to provide those who are directly affected, or serve as a caregiver, with an opportunity to network and socialize in a nonclinical setting.
Children's Museum of NH launches Alzheimer's Café By Jim Cavan in Volunteering For over twenty years, the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire has prided itself on being a place where memories are made. Now, they’re doing their part to help those struggling with Alzheimer’s hold onto them longer. “Alzheimer’s Café,” a monthly event designed to help those living with the disease relax and socialize in a friendly, non-clinical setting. The first of its kind in the Eastern United States, the Cafés will be held on the third Thursday of each month.
The Alzheimer’s Café 2nd Tuesdays, 3:30-5 pm. Free, cost of your café order only. Mae’s Phinney Ridge Café, 65th > Phinney Ave. The Alzheimer’s Café is the second of its kind in the US! This Café provides an opportunity for people living with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias and their care partners to get out and socialize in a safe environment. To learn more about the Alzheimer’s Café, call Carin Mack.
Alzheimer's Cafe Presented by The Tabard Theatre Company at Theatre on San Pedro Square Taking a cue from Dr. Jytte Lokvig, who created the first Alzheimer’s Café in the United States in Santa Fe, New Mexico, The Café will meet the second Wednesday of every month, from 2pm-4pm.
Memory &amp; Alzheimer's Cafés UK Directory This independent directory has been developed to enable anyone to locate a Memory or Alzheimer's Cafe in the UK by region or county.
AltaGolden Memory Center (map) Dear friends, welcome! Please join us for the Alzheimer's Cafe--a unique support group in which everyone is welcome. In this safe and peaceful place you may share your experiences, learn from others, get information, speak with representatives from the Alzheimer's Association, or even speak to one of our support personnel in private if that's what you need. We are here to be a caring support as you move through your experience with Alzheimer's. If you need help or would like to speak with someone before a Cafe date rolls around, just give us a call or come on into the center. The Cafe is on the second Wednesday of every month at 5pm.
An Alzheimer Café is a monthly gathering where persons with dementia and their family, caregivers and friends can be together in a safe, welcoming environment, in the company of other Caregivers, volunteers and health care professionals, for the purpose of emotional support, education and social interaction.
Alzheimer's cafe for people with and affected by dementia. Canterbury Christ Church University, Canterbury. The Alzheimer's cafe, started in 1997 in the Netherlands, can help facilitate this. This article reviews an adapted version of an Alzheimer's cafe focusing on eight couples where one partner was newly diagnosed with dementia. It is primarily a reflective account. Phinney Ridge Cafe had been a long-time fixture on the Ridge when Jeanne Mae Barwick moved to Seattle from her native Wisconsin. Jeanne took one look at the homey neighborhood diner and fell in love. Her enthusiasm, warmth and calm demeanor add the perfect ingredients for the success of the Alzheimer’s Cafe.
Alzheimer’s Cafe Tuesday afternoon at Mae’s This special café is designed for those living the Alzheimer’s and their caregivers to come together in a supportive environment. The only cost is for food and beverages. The Alzheimer’s Café is a program of the Greenwood Senior Center. For more information, contact Carin Mack at 206-297-0875
Alzheimer’s Café Has Florida Premiere at Weisman Delray Center Local residents affected by Alzheimer’s disease and related memory loss, along with their families, friends and caregivers, now have a unique, new, enjoyable and free of charge opportunity for activities and companionship twice each month. Weisman Delray Community Center opened its doors to Florida’s first Alzheimer’s Café on January 20, 2012. Part of Ruth Rales Jewish Family Service, the Shirley &amp; Barton Weisman Delray Community Center is located at 7091 West Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach. On the first and third Fridays of each month from 2:00 to 4:00 pm, participants will share laughter and good company in a relaxed setting. They’ll listen to “old time” music on a Victrola with printed lyrics, enjoy entertainment, dance, create art, play memory games, and snack. The gatherings also create an opportunity for caregivers to share feelings and explore constructive solutions with others in similar situations.   
Alzheimer's Café to open for patients and caregivers Alzheimer's patients will get an afternoon of stimulation while their caregivers get a break at the new Alzheimer's Café, a project of Ruth Rales Jewish Family Service. Modeled on programs in the Netherlands and Great Britain, the café will offer music on a Victrola with printed lyrics, as well as dancing, art, memory games and snack. The free café at the Weisman Delray Community will welcome 60 patients. Reservations are required. Call 561-558-2100.
Alzheimer's Cafe Disability Resources The Alzheimer’s' Cafe at North Grove Manor is group of people dedicated to the idea that people with dementia deserve to enjoy life as much as anyone else. Please join us We will continue to meet on the 3rd Thursday of the month throughout the year.
at Theatre on San Pedro Square, San Jose, CA The Tabard Theatre Company at Theatre on San Pedro Square, is opening an Alzheimer’s Café at Theatre on San Pedro Square, the first such café in California. The Café will meet the second Wednesday of every month
News Society Cafe complete Joy Francis on the launch of Britain's first Alzheimer's cafe, a meeting place offering far more than tea and sympathy Joy Francis The Guardian,
KNOXVILLE (WATE) - Alzheimer's cafes are a popular concept in Europe that an innovative senior care activity director decided to try in East Tennessee. Kathy Broggy wanted to try something new for residents and their caregivers at Courtyard Senior Living on Inskip Road. On the second Tuesday of every month at 6:30 p.m., the facility hosts its own version of an Alzheimer's cafe called Memory Lane Cafe. It's free and open to all caregivers and Alzheimer's patients, not just those living at the facility. event, called the Memory Lane Cade will meet the second Tuesday of every month at the Courtyard Senior Living Center in North Knoxville.
Havering Alzheimer's Cafe To provide support and information to people with dementia carers and family members.