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Australian and Victorian governments, under the Home and Community Care Program, Cafés

The Australian and Victorian governments, under the Home and Community Care Program, have provided  funding for Café Style Support Programs that are offered throughout Victoria.

These cafés provide an opportunity for people with dementia and their family members to enjoy time together with some refreshments and entertainment, in the company of people in a similar situation to themselves.  Alzheimer’s Australia Vic counselling staff and trained volunteers also attend. 

Cafés are held in the following locations:

    Southern eastern metropolitan region: Monash Local Government Area
    Northern metropolitan region: Darebin Local Government Area
    Southern metropolitan region: Frankston City Local Government Area
    Eastern metropolitan region: Whitehorse Local Government Area (Multicultural: Filipino, Chinese, Greek and Italian)
    Western metropolitan region: Brimbank Local Government Area (Multicultural: Macedonian, Vietnames and Maltese)
    Regional Victoria: Geelong, Bass Coast and Grampians (including Horsham, Edenhope, Nhill and Hopetoun).

Bilingual workers are present at our Multicultural Cafés (in the Manningham and Brimbank areas) to ensure participants can actively participate with other cultural groups.

To enquire whether this event is suitable for you, please call the National Dementia Helpline on 1800 100 500.  Self referrals, as well as agency referrals, are welcome 
    Hume Region
    Barwon South West Region
    Western Metropolitan Region
    Northern Metropolitan Region
    Loddon Mallee Region

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